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Law N°90-105 of November 26, 1990 related at the PCT give her mission to:
To source drugs, chemicals, instruments, accessories and other supplies required for human and veterinary medicine.

To ensure the monopoly of the importation of drugs and all other products determined by joint order of the Minister of trade and the Minister responsible for public health.

To package any kind of drug and all other products or supplies in connection with its object.
To supply drugs and products under its object meaning all health care organizations.
To supply wholesalers, laboratories and pharmacies in all products in relation to its purpose.
To inform by the most appropriated ways the physicians and pharmacists about all products related to its purpose with respect of laws and regulations.

Overview of the Tunisian pharmaceutical market.

The Tunisian drug market is divided into two sectors.

A hospital sector with the volumetric predominance of local production, but with the supply to the public structures is exclusively provided by the PCT;
A retail sector where local production provides a little more than 70% of the volumes but whose distribution is monopolized by the PCT only at the level of imported products and only for the level of distribution "wholesaler".

who are we ?

The Central Pharmacy of Tunisia has for mission to assure the regularity in the supply of the country for the products of which it holds the monopoly of importation as well as the distribution of the products and supplies necessary for the human and veterinary medicine with the various public health structures , parastatal and private.


51, Avenue 10 December 1948 - 1082, C. MAHRAJENE TUNIS